DigitalJobsPH: E-Commerce and Digital Marketing

Training for online freelancing.


DigitalJobsPH is a training scholarship project by DICT (Department of Information and Communications Technology) Rizal , Morong LGU, DTI (Department of Trade and Industry) and various (Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises) MSMEs joined forces. In other words, they have taken initiatives to be able to help many scholars to be able to find opportunities online.

DigitalJobsPH is training various individuals in the municipality. Primarily, it aims to advance technological skills that will later on translate to digital jobs in the fields of e-commerce and digital marketing. It is a 12-day class that include lectures and workshops every Tuesday and Thursdays, 8AM to 5PM, and a 21-day online campaign to orient scholars in tasks that involves home-based tasks, just like the actual work scenarios that online professionals do. The program commenced on October 1 ending in a graduation ceremony on December 5, 2019. After that, scholars are expecting to be able to penetrate the online freelancing job markets.


Partner MSMEs are supporting students by serving as clients and mentors as well. They have shouldered the cost of their website’s domain and hosting and allow the scholars to work on the project. More importantly, it is serving as a hands-on, actual training that will give scholars the idea and experience on how the online freelancing works. Similarly, the partner MSME will also be navigating the possibilities of e-commerce and digital marketing.

Scholars and MSME
Working hand in hand to promote online freelancing.

More than web development, branding and digital marketing will be part of the subject training. There are 22 scholars who qualified after the selection process by DICT and 14 MSMEs who partnered with the program. The training instructor is Marc Jason Dimalanta, an e-commerce professional. Previously, he has conducted the same trainings in Baguio and Benguet.

Attended by scholars and MSME.

Intensive classroom training awaits the scholars as they get themselves into different tasks. After that, they will be following a 21-day digital marketing campaign. Therefore, these scholars will be ready to immerse in the digital jobs market right after they graduate.

It’s the main facilitator of DigitalJobsPH.
Developing digital professionals in RIzal.


Everything that involves transacting electronically are considered E-Commerce. It’s any business practices that involves the internet. In this section of the course,, we are getting the understanding of WordPress – that includes themes and plug ins that will a web content manager to be able to build a website using WYSWYG editor. Therefore, scholars are expected to build websites using a Content Management System just like WordPress.


Any approaches that we are using to promote our products and services on the internet is considered as digital marketing. It may include the use of a website or social media platforms. Digital marketing enables you to reach your target market and engage them in the buyer’s journey. It involves contents that will entice our audiences to have awareness and consideration of our offer. Consequently, making a decision to avail our products and services.

But more than that, we are also tackling branding which is very important to any business or person who wants to stand out in a competitive market. It gets exciting but at the same very challenging..

If you are looking to upgrade the digital presence of your business through branding development, web and social media platforms, feel free to visit DICT Rizal Office for recommendations . DICT Rizal is located at the G/F GritXL Business Center, Brgy. Lagundi, Morong, Rizal. For instance, you need a new logo or a branding strategy. We will be happy to recommend our graduates to render their services.

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This website is a product of the training program wherein the MSMEs are providing inputs and paid for the website’s domain and hosting while the scholars are learning as they build the website. It will be a continuous development because we are still exploring the possibilities of digital marketing approach.

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