Convex Conveyors lauds DICT and Morong LGU’s Free WIFI For All

DICT and Morong LGU signs MOA
Memorandum of Agreement signed between DICT and Morong LGU.


Morong Municipal Hall | October 8, 2019

In line with the first 100 days of Hon. Gregorio Honasan as the Secretary of the Department of Information and Communications Technology (DICT) launched “Free WIFI For All” program. In partnership with Morong LGU, a Ribbon Cutting and Memorandum of Agreement Signing was held at the Municipal Hall. Mayor Olivia de Leon signed along with DICT Luzon Cluster 2 Director, Eng;r. Reynaldo Sy, DICT Provincial Head Albert Azul and Joel Francisco signed the agreement that continually supports ICT projects in the municipality. Indeed, collaborative projects just like this will go a long way in terms of delivering service to the people.

Ribbon Cutting Free WIFI For All
DICT and Morong LGU launches Free WIFI For All.


In this effort, it is the government’s aim to provide internet access for the public from cities and municipalities down to the public schools and public facilities in the area. The department believes that internet access enables livelihood. They are conducting free trainings to teach Morongueños how to use the internet beyond social networks. Their ongoing project is DigitalJobsPH that trains qualified scholars on E-Commerce and Digital Marketing with the hope that they will become e-commerce and digital marketing professionals catering to different clients worldwide thru the use of the internet. In addition, WIFI Hotspots are made available in Morong Plaza and Library, Municipal Hall and DICT Regional Office at GritXL Business Center, Lagundi.

DICT + Morong LGU
Partnership to make DigitalJobsPH Training possible in Morong, Rizal.


Part of the DigitalJobsPH initiative is the partnership with MSME that helps them build their web presence. DICT Scholars will develop their branding, websites and social networks. Convex Conveyors are one of the MSMEs that supports the initiative. Thus, it iis there the goal of DigitalJobsPH to create a lasting impact by developing digital professionals in the urban areas like Morong and towns.

DigitalJobsPH has two major training in their modules. First, the training on E-Commerce, wherein the scholars are working hand in hand with their partner MSME to come up with a website and digital marketing campaign. Web design is primarily focusing on e-commerce and making information accessible to the market. Second, Digital Marketing, which involves creating a social media presence for the MSME. In other words, a scholar is expected to formulate digital marketing strategy.


All scholars have corresponding MSME to be working with. The scholars are required to create a website and campaigns as part of their training. The partner business will only shoulder the cost of their website’s domain and hosting. On the other hand, the scholar is working on the requirements of the website.

Every tasks is crucial for the learning of a scholar. It will engage them to explore and accomplish what is necessary. However, grit and discipline are also important to be able to survive the course. It might mean literally going out of their comfort zone.

After the 12-day class room engagement and training, the scholars will go through a 21-day campaign to promote their MSMEs and their freelancer profiles. It will serve as their immersion to the actual job that a digital job may require.

Scholars are working so hard to graduate in this training. Therefore, we are looking forward to see them have their break in the digital job market.

Free WIFI For All
Brought to you by DITC.
Free WIFI For All

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In this website project, scholars and MSME are working in collaboration. Working hand in hand will make the project easily accomplished. As always, two heads are better than one and we are expecting to see wonderful results on this project.

It is taking a lot of time and resources to be a scholar. More than that, we are setting aside job opportunities to be able to finish this course.

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