Convex Conveyors is on Facebook!

Convex Conveyors is now now on Facebook and you can now communicate with us thru our Facebook Page. It’s where we will be updating you on the latest news and updates on conveyor systems technology. In this bog, we will be discussing a few things why it is important for our company to be here in social media. Firstly, we are going to reach more people. Secondly, we are going to tell you more about what we do. Thirdly, we want to show you that we are the expert and among the best when it comes to conveyors systems. Therefore, it is very important for us that social media can allow us to reach you faster and easier. 


Social media only means that we can reach more people. And we can educate them as to what really conveyors do and what industries requires such systems to increase productivity. Other entrepreneurs may not be aware yet of what conveyors can do. Utilising social media as a part of our marketing approach is a big leap for our company. We are thankful to DICT, DTI and Morong LGU for sponsoring this training to provide new skills. The program is aiming to help businesses create their own website and get acquainted to the digital approaches in marketing.


Increase your company’s productivity by employing conveyor systems that will be helpful in your production and manufacturing lines. It decreases human labor yet increases productivity. Your crew will be happier doing their job with the assistance of equipments like our conveyors.


Here in Convex, we invest on experienced and trained service personnel to be able to deliver and get the job done efficiently. Expertise lessens the service cost as we don’t have to go back and do the same routines without arriving at a solution. Our goal is to provide a 100% solution to your conveyor issues.

We hope to encourage other businesses to support the DigitalJobsPH program and allow their business to try the digital approaches to workflows and marketing. Relying on current information states that the number of internet users can overshadow the statistics being gathered through traditional approaches.

Therefore, if you are looking for a reliable service and experts on the conveyors. You can consult us today and we can discuss the best options applicable to your business. Feel free to contact us anytime and don’t forget to follow us on Facebook

Convex Conveyors is on Facebook!
Convex Conveyors is now in Facebook so you can easily contact us.

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