Benefits of Waterless Dust-Suppression Machine

Waterless Dust Suppression Machines
In many industrial areas, dust problems arise during bulk material conveyance. It adversely affects not only the conveying process, but also the people and the surroundings, A substantial amount of the material is lost through the formation of dust and traditional water spray systems have many down sides.

This dust suppression technology is economical, effective, and low-maintenance. It offers an excellent alternative to traditional dust removal systems at the belt conveyor transfer points. Suitable on the majority of bulk materials, particularly, materials transfer points. Also, it can be adapted to mobile screens and mobile crushing units in quarries, mines, open pits and underground.

Here are the benefits: 

  • No water required.
  • No increased wear on conveyor belt like water systems.
  • Low energy consumption & high separation efficiency.
  • Guaranteed dust suppression rate.
  • Low operating cost.
  • Extremely low power consumption.
  • Extremely low maintenance (no extra down time required).
  • Material properties doesn’t change.
  • Materials are not loss in the process.
  • No freezing of water pipes so it is operational 365 days of the year.
  • Non-interference with belt scraper performance.
  • No water pipes so no checking for leaks across conveyor circuits.
  • Speeds up dust checks to comply with ISO 14001.

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