About Convex

Conveyor Experts (Convex) Conveyors is honoured to have you here is our guest! It is our pleasure that you have visited our website and spending some time getting to know us.  


Conveyors are mechanical  assemblies that transport materials with minimal effort. Consisting of a frame that supports either rollers, wheels, or a belt, upon which materials move from one place to another.  Primarily, we are here to provide conveyor systems in the country and become an industry leader in the coming years. 


Conveyors Expert (Convex) has developed solutions for clients in need of conveyors systems technology. Consequently, it garnered us clients across industries.  We offer them detailed solutions thru  efficient machineries and quality technical support. Therefore, you can always  expect us to deliver on precise schedules. We operate methodically to make sure that we meet our clients’ conveyor needs. 


In our pursuit to be the leading expert in conveyor systems technology, we never stop learning and looking for other available resources to bring quality options to our clients.

Quality machines and exceptional technical support are proof that we are here to help you hit your targets.

Being  your business solutions provider means we are your partner in doing good business.

Convex Conveyors Ruby Quality Seal
We uphold quality and excellence.

“As part of our commitment to quality and excellence, we came up with our own quality seal. It is our hope that when you see this seal in our products and service stickers – it means that we are giving you a guaranteed standard quality.”


In the workplace, Convex Conveyors target zero injuries and we uphold high standard of safety practices. It is our hope that more than profits, we should be able to give priority to the welfare of the people that are working for our projects and business in general.

Convex Conveyors Safety First Campaign
We target zero injuries in every projects.

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