Quality products and services is all that we want to deliver to our clients. We want to give you your money’s worth and the expertise that you need to resolve conveyors issues that will definitely affect your operations.

We are the official and only distributor of MES International UK and we specialises in manufacturing machineries and supply parts. It specialises in conveyor parts and other products that supports different industries including mining, manufacturing and construction services. 

We are proud to bring you MES International along with other products that are sourced abroad to give you expert solutions that your business requires. 

We are your partner in doing good business, and we are committed to quality and excellence. It is our joy to be serving you with the best that we can offer you.

Quality Product and Services - MES  International
Quality Products and Services is our main offering being the official distributor of MES International here in the Philippines.


MES International manufactures conveyors and parts in the UK.

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