Conveyor Expert, or simply Convex, is proud of our company’s commitment to expertise and excellence.  More than quality products and machineries, it is our services that makes a big difference. It is more efficient to do what’s needed to be done when you are being serviced by an expert and that’s what  we do best.

Conveyor Expert focuses on these areas of our expertise:

  1. Manufacturing Conveyor Systems
  2. Replacement Parts
  3. Maintenance
  4. Repairs
  5. Other related products and services


Convex service personnels are efficiently doing their job out of years of experiences and training. Expertise lessens the service cost as we don’t have to go back and do the same routines without arriving at a solution. Our goal is to provide a 100% solution to your conveyor issues. Therefore, trained personnel are what we are sending to make sure we bring your expert solutions.

Increase your company’s productivity by employing conveyor systems that will be helpful in your production and manufacturing lines. It decreases human labor yet increases productivity. Your crew will be happier doing their job with the assistance of equipments like our conveyors.


We always believe that growth and learning doesn’t end so we are encouraging our service technicians to keep on learning and exploring new trends and technology.

In this blog, we are stressing that as your company grows, equipments go along and they are proof that you are improving. First, you are actively hitting targets to be able to deliver the demands of your customers.. Second, conveyor systems are giving you increasing productivity in your day to day operations is vital to the success of your business, in which, your conveyor systems is giving you increased productivity. Ultimately, our goal is to deliver only the best and spot on solutions to the issues that you encounter.

Therefore, we are confident in living up to our name and you can rest assured, we are delivering expert solutions. So, if you are looking for a reliable service and to know the best options that we can offer you, consult us today. Feel free to contact us anytime and don’t forget to follow us on Facebook


Quality products and services is all that we want to deliver to our clients. We want to give you your money’s worth and the expertise that you need to resolve conveyors issues that will definitely affect your operations.

We are the official and only distributor of MES International UK and we specialises in manufacturing machineries and supply parts. It specialises in conveyor parts and other products that supports different industries including mining, manufacturing and construction services. 

We are proud to bring you MES International along with other products that are sourced abroad to give you expert solutions that your business requires. 

We are your partner in doing good business, and we are committed to quality and excellence. It is our joy to be serving you with the best that we can offer you.

Quality Product and Services - MES  International
Quality Products and Services is our main offering being the official distributor of MES International here in the Philippines.


MES International manufactures conveyors and parts in the UK.

If you have concerns or questions with regards to conveyor systems, please feel free to contact us or send us an e-mail. You may also follow us on Facebook to get the latest updates on Conveyor Systems technology.

About Convex

Conveyor Experts (Convex) Conveyors is honoured to have you here is our guest! It is our pleasure that you have visited our website and spending some time getting to know us.  


Conveyors are mechanical  assemblies that transport materials with minimal effort. Consisting of a frame that supports either rollers, wheels, or a belt, upon which materials move from one place to another.  Primarily, we are here to provide conveyor systems in the country and become an industry leader in the coming years. 


Conveyors Expert (Convex) has developed solutions for clients in need of conveyors systems technology. Consequently, it garnered us clients across industries.  We offer them detailed solutions thru  efficient machineries and quality technical support. Therefore, you can always  expect us to deliver on precise schedules. We operate methodically to make sure that we meet our clients’ conveyor needs. 


In our pursuit to be the leading expert in conveyor systems technology, we never stop learning and looking for other available resources to bring quality options to our clients.

Quality machines and exceptional technical support are proof that we are here to help you hit your targets.

Being  your business solutions provider means we are your partner in doing good business.

Convex Conveyors Ruby Quality Seal
We uphold quality and excellence.

“As part of our commitment to quality and excellence, we came up with our own quality seal. It is our hope that when you see this seal in our products and service stickers – it means that we are giving you a guaranteed standard quality.”


In the workplace, Convex Conveyors target zero injuries and we uphold high standard of safety practices. It is our hope that more than profits, we should be able to give priority to the welfare of the people that are working for our projects and business in general.

Convex Conveyors Safety First Campaign
We target zero injuries in every projects.

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Conveyor Expert would love to share some stories that might help and inspire others to learn something new. Or maybe it’s just so good not to be shared. Happy reading dear guests!

In this section of our website are stories and articles that may be helpful and inspiring for all of us. May it be the the latest updates on conveyor systems or what’s going on in our business and the society in general.

Success is sweeter when it is shared. Especially, to those people that has supported us along the way. We always wanted to give back and be a blessings to those around us.

Please don’t forget to follow our Facebook Page for the latest updates on conveyors. Your referrals will be highly appreciated, just share our website or our contact numbers to anyone that might need an expert on conveyor systems.

We hope that you guys would enjoy reading the news and stories that we will be featuring here. Help us in advocating Safety First practices and let us commit to zero injuries in the workplace. Together, we can achieve more as we strive to promote excellence in our products and services as put safety on top of them.

Benefits of Waterless Dust-Suppression Machine

This dust suppression technology is economical, effective, and low-maintenance. It offers an excellent alternative to traditional dust removal systems at the belt conveyor transfer points. Suitable on the majority of bulk materials, particularly, materials transfer points. Also, it can be adapted to mobile screens and mobile crushing units in quarries, mines, open pits and underground. Here …


Conveyors Expert (Convex) General Manager - Glen G. Tibay
Conveyors Expert or simply Convex is managed by Mr. Glenn Gerona Tibay, our General Manager.

Conveyors Expert (Convex) is  here to help you with your systems requirements. 

We have different channels for you to communicate with us. Our Landline is+63 (02) 8636 3894, but you can also contact us thru our mobile numbers: +63 908 175 4948 and +63 917 443 6716.

Or simply e-mail us:  sales.convexph@gmail.com.

You are also welcome to visit our office. Check out our map below. 

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We are looking to hear from you soon – contact us today!

Exploring possibilities are only made possible by working with our clients. Through the projects and consultations that we have done so far, it gives us the ideas on what problems that we can analyse and for us to find solutions that we can offer to our clients.

Our business comes across industries that made us realise how complex this business can be, especially, problems that needed solutions and discover wide arrays of options that can possibly work in their manufacturing systems. In years of doing this business, trends are changing as much as the need arises. The demand for productivity has driven many business to level up their operations. Thus, we are looking forward to do business with you – contact us today!